My experience with BPC157

  • I have used BPC157 a number of times and with each one I always note that it is quite a remarkable peptide.

    The first was to heal an intercostal stress injury sustained from a particularly gruelling Brazilian Jiujitsu session where a man literally twice my weight effectively crushed me. That night, I noticed a exceptionally intense pain when cutting cheese - a soft cheese at that - and had some relatively intense pain when breathing. Not good to say I had a tournament around 10 days away. I spot injected directly into the source of the pain, 3 times on 3 subsequent days with 375mcg. With rest (which I definitely didn't want from a competive standpoint - I'd already done too little BJJ to be even thinking about entering a competition) the pain was gone and I was able to train up until and compete in the tournament without the injury reoccuring. I also believe I generally felt less pain from the very painful sport that is BJJ.

    I have injected 250mcg directly into a very, very tender and inflamed biceps tendon on numerous occasions to heal biceps tendonitis suffered from boxing. I have also done this as a premeptive measure, basically when my tendonitis isn't giving me crap and I find it very effect for this. Yesterday I injected 300mcg into my brachioradialis after a particularly hard hitting boxer (my cousin actually) injured my left arm when I was holding the pads for him. As of right now there is a level of pain maybe a 1-2 RPE compared to a 7-8 prior to administration.

    Obviously, I have experimented with cuts and scrapes too, you will find it does speed the process of healing very quickly and from my experience less scar tissue - or at least less painful scar tissue. Do ensure that the wound is suitably clean else you will heal over bacteria and have to get in there and dig out the bad tissue, which I found out the hard way with my finger. Naturally, I then used BPC on it again. I have to say it can sometimes feel like it has a magical propertie, seeing skin heal over in days.

    I am currently using it to heal a joint mouse that I have in my knee. 250mcg every day, or every other day directly into the inferolateral pole. It is still strapped up for another weak as a precaution but I definitely noticed a decrease in pain once I'd started using it. I also sometimes use it subQ when I can't be bothered to jab my knee haha. I surmise that this has subtle, unseen healing actions systemically.

    Anyway, I thought I would kick off the experience logs. I'll probably get round to sharing my experiences with other peptides - of which there are many :😁

  • Thanks for this post and helping to find BPC157 effective in injury. We will try it to get rid of from this pain.

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