• With the current global situation regarding COVID-19 anything that has the ability to boost one’s immune system can surely be of benefit. Thymalin has been shown in human clinical trials to be a very effective immune system booster.

    There have been reports although I have not physically seen evidence of this that Doctors and frontline medical staff in China have been administered Thymalin to bolster their immune systems as an added protection against this virus, with the hope that they may be able to continue treating infected patients

    This peptide would be of most benefit to the aging and those who suffer with immunity disorders,

    Studies have shown that this immunomodulator molecule does occur naturally in the thymus. Thymus is a specialized bilobed secondary lymphoid organ which is critical to the development of functionally active and self-tolerant T-cells which is also a component of the adaptive immune system. Studies have shown that the actions of the thymus are mediated by immunomodulators.

    The mature T-cells mediates the functions of the adaptive immune system. Loss (or sometimes complete absence) of the thymus before these population thresholds are reached results in DiGeorge Syndrome which is characterized by severe immunodeficiency. There is still residual T-cell lymphopoiesis throughout the adult life.

    Nonetheless, studies have shown that complete involution of the thymus in old age is associated with increased susceptibility to severe infections and cancer development. This has been attributed to immune deficiency which impairs the immune response to infections and impairment of immune surveillance against tumours.

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