WELCOME and Board Rules!

  • Hello and welcome to peptalk....the forum designed to encourage, faciliate and promote the learning and discussion of all things peptide-related. A couple of guidelines:

    1. We have a board sponsor (www.purepeptidesuk.com) and since we know only the quality of those specific products, we can only advise on questions relating to peptides sourced from them. We will do our best to answer ALL peptide related questions but can only be accurate when we truly know the quality of the peptides, hence why we are sponsored by the UK's premium peptide supplier.

    2. All questions about peptides are welcome, but if it's a basic question, there is a strong chance it will already have been answered somewhere on the site, so do us all a favour and have a look, before you ask.

    3. POLITENESS AND RESPECT are two watchwords you should live by when using this forum. We will not tolerate insults or ungentlemanly conduct. Just because someone has a different opinion to you does not automatically make them an idiot.


    5. You are welcome to discuss advanced steroid and peptide protocols but we have experts on hand to help you create a fully customised, individual protocol, so rather than listen to many different opinions from different 'experts', why not approach one of our moderators (The in Charge) by DM.

  • @Also-in-Charge Thanks for introducing to the terms and conditions of Peptalk and we hope in future help us to explore more about peptides here.

    Best Regards,

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