My experience with ghrp2 and cjc non dac

  • Hi guys,

    So I've been running ghrp2 and cjc non dac peptides for quite some time continuously, around 3-4 years. Only time I stop is when I go on holiday so I'd say I'm an avid regular user.

    I began with Chinese unbranded from my steroid source, then moved to peptidesuk using the discount they offer and more recently (8 months ago) I switched to purepeptides which I am still currently using.

    From a bulking point of view I can maintain a better, more vascular condition regardless of steroid compound I'm running but I cant say I've noticed any increase in size or performance over the use of AAS solely.

    Now cutting it becomes interesting. Admittedly I've never thought about it enough before but I can always melt fat and maintain size with ease. I never put it down to the peptides until a fairly recent blood test. I'd done fasted cardio after my peptide shots as I know its said to increase fatty acids been released into the blood and used for energy. The guy giving me my blood results explained there was alot of fatty acid circulating in my blood and I explained I was using peptides, he said well that's what it is then.... but I never realised it was that significant.

    My latest blood test I decided to stop peptides 1 week beforehand as I know they can continue working for somtime after administration. Had bloods done and circulating fatty acids were near enough normal... I'd never realised the amount the peptides were helping with direct fat loss.

    An astonishing weapon in the battle against the bulge. I'll continue to use as I find no negatives myself. I recommend others try the same and have bloods done. It can definitely help show that the peptides are doing as they should and are decent quality.

    Cheers guys

  • Thank you so much for sharing your views about the GHRP and CJC.I think one should actually know about their compositions firstly before using them in any way.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We are also thinking to buy from Alpha Helica Peptides!

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