TB500 and BCP157 for injury recovery

  • Hi all,

    Im suffering with bad knees, arthritis right knee and general ACL rebuild symptoms, left knee torn meniscus (in recovery after double knee opp) and torn long and short bicep tendons.

    Has any one had experience of these for recovery and what type of dosage should i take?

  • Hi and thanks for the post.

    I recommend the combined use of BPC and tb500 for pretty much all musculoskeletal injuries.

    5mg of tb500 injected subQ, once per week.

    250mcg of BPC, injected SubQ twice per day.

    For a minimum of 4, but ideally 6 weeks.

    Hope that helps!

  • I think peptides undoubtedly provide the best solutions for many of hormonal and other body problems.But on the other hand one should also beware of its compositions.

    BPC 157

  • If you are going to take peptides for relief, firstly you have to discuss with doctor. It can harm you.

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