What are people's experiences with BCP157 and TB500

  • Have recently noticed a few posts about the above mentioned peptides. I have heard mainly good things about such peptides however what is quite vague is the dosing for these peptides.

    What are you experiences and does anyone know the true scientific dosing that is required for injuring healing?

    Why are peptides still frowned upon or even not known about?

  • Dosing protocols tend to be a blend of real world efficacy, plus 'true scientific' evidence.

    I advise 5mg tb500 per week
    250mcg of BPC, twice per day.

    I suspect the reason that peptides are not more well-known is because people like you and I are 'early adopter' type personalities.

    Eventually the sheeple will pick it up, once they feel safe enough, lol.


  • @The-In-Charge its a shame that this is not more widely known about or even adopted. I feel that it would have such a benefit with little / or no side effects, unlike the more commonly used / got to of Coticosteroidal injections.

    I am wondering that in contrast of PRP along with BCP / TB500 if this would be a good combination for those very chronic tendinopathies that just won't be gone.

    what is your opinion on PRP and peptides? would this be too much or would it compliment one and other?

  • Oh I hear you. 'Shame' barely begins to cover it. The damage caused by the so-called 'therapeutic' administration of corticosteroids is often significant and system-wide...with little long-term efficacy.

    Platelets are rich in all sorts of growth factors and I would think they would perfectly complement the action of certain peptides.

    Good point...hadn't thought of that before.


  • I think BPC 157 is anyway the most in-demand peptides because of its right composition of amino acids.There might be a debate more or less over this.

  • Thymosin-beta4, better known as TB-500, is an extremely interesting peptide. Due to its extremely fast general and wound healing effect, it is a kind of healing booster for athletes after an injury to be back on the ball as soon as possible, which can be a huge advantage especially in strength training after surgery or the like.

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