Recovering from a hip fracture

  • I'm in the recovery/rehab phase from having broken my femur. Through a bit of experimenting, I've found that a combination on BPC, TB500 and IGF1 LR3 delivered an immediate reduction in the post-operative muscle pain that I was experiencing. According to the orthopaedic team, my recovery so far (in terms of the break itself) is at the top end of their expectations.

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  • Thank you very much for sharing man. I love hearing about pleasantly surprised health care professionals! I know that BPC is most effective for tendon and ligament recovery, TB500 more muscular, with IGF-1 LR3 being a more general effect, and I've just been made aware of it's positive effect on osteoblastic activity. Obviously there's some tissue damage and inflammation that's beyond skelatal damage. You should put up the pic of your hardware - Iron Man!

  • @LostWeekend All the best in a strong recovery. Thank you for sharing and please let us know how you are doing?

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