Recovery from a hip fracture

  • At the start of March, I suffered a break in the neck of my femur (caused by being forced off the road by a car coming too close during a group cycle ride). I also sheared off the Greater and Lesser Trochanter. Result was a 10 day stay in hospital and a Dynamic Hip Screw. The operation is straightforward, but the process of inserting the metalwork that draws the top of the femur back into place leaves quite a lot of muscle trauma.

    The pain was very well controlled while in hospital (the NHS is just brilliant and is something to be justifiably proud of!) but on returning home the liquid Morphine, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen was only just about keeping on top of it. Almost all the pain was due to the muscle trauma. I immediately went onto daily Mod GRF and Ipamorelin first thing in the morning, which seemed to help the healing process a little. About 3 days later I tried a more "aggressive" approach and took 2mg TB500, 1mg BPC and 100mcg IGF1 LR3 to the Mod and Ipa. The difference by the next day was dramatic... The muscle pain was notably reduced.

    Since then, I've been using 0.5ml BPC daily (along with the Mod and Ipa), with the TB500 and IFG1 EOD. I hit the IGF1 later in the day vs the rest as I've read it's best to space IGF1 dosing from GRH/GHRP administration. I'm now in the 4th week post discharge and there's no muscle pain and the pain from the fracture site when I stress it is reducing each day. The Orthopaedic team are impressed with my rate of recovery and I'll probably be down to one crutch shortly. I believe that my speed of recovery has been driven by the peptide combination that I've been taking.

    I'll keep you posted...

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