Ipamorelin as a sleep aid

  • I've recently seen a few comments about the use of Ipamorelin as a sleep aid. The general view seems to be to use Ipamorelin and Mod-GRH just before bedtime at saturation dose - BUT... the view is that Ipamorelin has a much higher saturation dose vs the 100mcg that people generally believe, it being around 500mcg.

    People have reported using 100mcg of Mod-GRH and 500mcg of Ipamorelin, which has resulted in exceptionally deep sleep, vivid dreams and feeling great upon waking up. I think that I'm going to try this...

    I've also read other opinion that the saturation dose of Ipamorelin could well be closer to 1000mcg - is there any hard evidence of exactly what the saturation dose is?

    Interestingly, there's talk of guys using 2-5mg Ipamorelin and saturation of Mod-GRH, which I imagine would give a huge initial pulse of GH and then many smaller pulses during the night due to the relatively long half life of Ipamorelin (vs other GHRP's). Thoughts?

  • Mark, me and TIC remembered about 'boom' dosing Ipamorelin a few nights ago and both took 300mcg as a standalone. We both reported a very restful and full night's sleep, deep enough to keep me asleep past my usual internal alarm clock.

    I might experiment with 500mcg. Actually I think I will first try 300mcg of Ipam and 100mcg of Mod-GRF to compare with my previous dose.

    I seem to recall, (I'll have to have a look at some point) that boom dosing creates multiple pulses of growth hormone throughout the subsequent hours, I can't remember for how long. I might have a graph to show it, that was formerly from Dat's. Anyway!

    It's very interesting because it creates a lot of 'time under tension' to use a weight training analogy, spent with high levels of growth hormone, but as it is still pulsatile, we don't get the negative effects of prolonged, elevated levels of growth hormone - one of which is a more female GH release pattern.

    Keen to find out how you get on mate.

  • @TimboSlice Hi Tim, I tried 500mg with 100mg of Mod last night. I also mixed in 1mg of TB500 (I'll explain why in a minute). I found that I slept better than I have done recently, although it did seem to take me a while to go to sleep... But this may have been because I went to be a bit earlier than normal. ☺

    I'm not sleeping as well as I would like because I broke my hip at the start of March and when I'm in bed I can only put my leg in a few positions otherwise it hurts. So I end up waking in the night a few times, because I'm stiff and sore generally, or my leg is hurting. I think that the 500mg Ipamorelin made things better overnight and I will try again tonight. The TB500 was for recovery from the operation and break and I won't be taking it tonight, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

  • OK, I suspect that the delay in getting to sleep when taking both Mod and Ipa was caused by the GH spike generated due to the Mod. 2 nights ago I dropped the Mod and the difference was like night and day. I fell asleep quickly and experienced a very deep sleep. I woke up after 6.5 hours due to the break in my femur hurting, but found a new position to lie in and then slept through to the morning.
    Next up, I'm going to try reducing the Ipa to 300mg, to see how much sensitivity there is in the dose.

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