Carbless Post-Workout and Peptides

  • I'm going to put this here until we possibly have another sub forum for Nutritional strategies, but I wanted to share and stoke discussion on carbless PWO, a method of eating whereby you eat carbohydrates in the hours leading to your workout, and then simply omit carbohydrates for around 5 or more hours after you have exercised.

    The idea behind is that as glycogen is the preferred source of fuel for the brain, after you deplete glycogen stores through exercise, the body will look to save what is left and look to other sources of fuel, i.e fat, as long as you have sufficient amino acids in the pool. Contrary to popular belief, grown through a lot of repetition about the importance of 'replenishing glycogen' post workout. There is something to be said about the role of insulin in muscle building, and it's proteosome inhibitory effect, however, all it takes to initiate muscle protein synthesis is the presence of amino acids in the blood, [in particular leucine]. (

    People always talk about the amount of calories burnt during exercise but it is a very inefficient focus. Instead, think of the exercise as an event, and the subsequent state the body is then in as the time spent utilising fat as an energy source. The PWO meals usually consist of meat or eggs, and possibly some sort of greenery, a salad, cruciferous vegetables (which do have carbs in but are negligable in effect) protein basically. Naturally there will be some fat with those meals, but you don't want to go overboard here, it's a little like filling a hole with dirt only to dig it all out again.

    You can eventually take in some carbs here later in the day but I don't like to go for too many - just enough to curb the cravings or possible mild hypoglycemic symptoms.

    In my experience, peptides are an excellent addition to this protocol, any of those that illicit lipolysis (the releasing of fatty acids from stores, into the blood. GH Frag, Melanotan II, PT141 and the those from the GHRP family, taken preworkout. Or a combination of them (not MT and PT though imo)

    Recently, I have been utilising GH Frag and Ipam around 45 minutes before I get to the gym, whether it be combat sports or weight training so that as I get deeper into my workout, I have depleted glycogen sufficiently to start to use those liberated fatty acids as fuel. You could also take more peptides post workout, which I may tend to do if I'm training in the AM but it all depends on your goals. Mine has predominately always been muscle accrual, interspersed with the odd fat loss phase just to experiment, so I usually don't bother and get more much needed (for me) calories in at this stage.

    Sometimes I'll also add MTII/PT141 but I don't like to do this later on due to it's possible effect on circadian rhythms
    That and I tend to go exceptionally red-faced post Melanotan injection lol.

  • I think peptides are the best way of providing a boost to your body anyhow and hence there is a need to look for some more nutrition.

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  • Carbless post-workout and peptides where different nutritional strategies are shared with you. I start to define dissertation help here because the workout is easy and good for our health and it was important when and where we have to choose all of these strategies.

  • @TimboSlice Thanks for the tips!

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