Peptides for restful sleep

  • A simple peptide protocol to ensure true restful sleep is simply to inject 250 micrograms of DSIP (Delta-sleep-inducing-peptide) into the abdomen approximately 30 minutes before bed. This promotes stage 4 non-rem sleep.

    I also advised the use of a swept white noise generator such as can be found at my

    This helps quieten the 'chatter' in the mind as you try to drift off

    You might want to consider the use of ZMA also 5 HTP.

    Sleep hygiene is very important so a good quality mattress and correct position to pillows are essential also make the room as dark as possible.

  • I think whatever peptides one consumes there is a need to look for some more information about that product especially when you are taking it for sleep.

    Peptides Online

  • Yeah its good for better sleep no doubt, I use this for better sleep, and another reason for restless sleep is mattress, I also changed my mattress, got from happsy mattress coupons, after changing it and after taking peptides, now I can sleep peacefully, and I feel fresh and active.

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