Step 1 up from 'just' steroids?

  • Many steroid users have tried GH to great success. However decent GH can be hard to come by, is expensive, fragile and only contains the 191aa 'full' GH molecule as opposed to the 5 different 'isoforms' found within your natural endogenous GH.

    However the utilisation of a GH secretagogue (GHRP2, GHRP6 or ipamorelin) will have a very significant boosting effect on your natural GH levels, including all 5 isoforms of the molecule.

    Since it takes about 3-4 hours to replenish your pituitary GH, you can trigger another let-down of your own GH several times per much lower financial cost than using synthetic GH.

    So whilst you won't get the 'full freak' effect as you would from say 5iu of Lilly humatrope, when using a GH secretagogue, you will get similar benefits, and for much less cost.

  • Excellent post my man. I remember when I first started using Mod-GRF and GHRP-6 back on dat place, using it at 100mcg initially pre-bed but ramping up to 5-6 times a day within a day or 2 😂 Saturation dose was have been 70mcg using the 1mcg per KG saturation dosing for me at the time. It can be difficult at this kind of schedule because of the blunting effects of food but it's not impossible.

    Of course you don't have to go balls deep, in fact, I would recommend a good few pre-bed dosing only, then introduce a morning dose (this could be be semi-fasted) followed by pre-workout around 30-40min before you hit the gym IIRC. Better to milk the effects of the lower doses.

    I used to like GHRP-6 because muscle gain has always been my goal, when I do train to build my physique as opposed to performance. This is due to it's action as a ghrelin mimetic, ghrelin being the 'hunger hormone'. I recall a couple of times pinning 300mcg and going to a Brazilian all you can eat BBQ 😆 Ingesting meat until you sweat isn't probably the healthist thing thing to do especially regularly mind you. Some people with different goals, avoid using GHRP-6 for this reason, opting for Ipamorelin.

    I have used GH before, but I'm not comfortable really comparing the two because of my inexperience with 177 growth hormone, but I really enjoyed the effects of supplementing anabolic and androgenic steroids with judicious use of peptides. Certainly from a performance enhancing (over simply aesthetic) perspective, it has a tremendous effect. Peptides such as MGF, IGF-1, and TB500 alongside a low dose of oral steroids made a huge difference for me in strength in combat sports, both grappling and striking disciplines (we can have a discussion on the morality of PED use in sports, especially combat sports - my views are probably hypocritical, demonstrably) through direct action in/on the ring/mats and when at home resting and digesting, healing those sore bones that only fighting seems to give you.

    TIC, what is the mechanism of the blunting effect that certain food groups have upon the GH secretagogues, how much of effect is it? I remember seeing a graph that showed just how badly it effected it but it's just a snapshot in my mind.

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