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  • Roku is a company that manufactures a line of media-streaming devices. First of all we should know what Roku is, basically Roku is a streaming device It provides an easy and fast way to allow and start streaming online channels. Live shows, news, movies, songs from Roku com. Your machine should be linked to the Roku account in order to enjoy the enticing services provided by Roku.

    Connect your PC to
    For users who want to connect their PC to Roku, this is the screen mirroring method that customers often choose.
    The latest Roku devices arriving will have the screen mirroring feature
    To use screen mirroring, you just need to visit the respective settings and enable it.
    Let us explain to you how to connect your PC to Roku
    Follow Steps to connect your PC to
    To start with power on all your devices ( Streaming gadget and PC)
    If your device is new, set the language, display and use the page to activate
    Connect these devices to an active network connection and if the device is new, work on the initial and guided settings
    Visit settings to choose system and start your search to find screen mirroring settings
    To enable the very next step is to cast the screen of your PC.
    For mobile device go to Settings >Display > Cast screen
    View the contents of your PC Screen on to your Roku TV Screen.
    Points to remember to connect your PC to Roku
    Always make sure that the screen mirroring feature is active
    The network connection that you use must be secure
    Ensure that you use valid code for activating the streaming gadget
    Note that the settings differ and depend on the operating system version of the device you are using.
    If you have any problems, turn off the feature and launch the screen again
    How to Get Roku Activation Code?
    The Roku activation code is required to stream media to your Roku player. If you don't know how to get Roku activation code? Read the simple steps below:
    Step 1: Sign in your Roku account.
    Step 2: Go to your player section to get the Roku activation code.
    Step 3: Here you will see a five digit alphanumeric code such as "JUY5Q". Write down this code and go to code activate and open the link for your device.
    Step 4: Now you can enter this code in the activation section if you haven't activated your Roku player yet.
    Roku Activation Failure Reason During Activation Link -
    Some common issues while activating Roku are listed below: -

    1. Poor quality or low speed of the internet connection is also a major reason for Roku activation failure.
    2. The TV is not fully updated to connect the device.
    3. The Internet connection in the house is not secure or the TV is contaminated with an infection.
    4. Internet server temporarily unavailable.

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