Bpc-157 experience

  • Hi guys.
    Just wanted to share some experience with BPC-157.
    I'm a Sports and remedial therapist with over 2 decades of experience in the fitness industry.

    For the last 2 years I've been using BPC-157.
    With the manual aspect of my work I suffered with left side lateral epicondylitis for over 8 years with various treatments having only temporary effects.
    I found out about BPC-157 and tried it at 250mcg twice a day sub-q site specific.
    After 5 days the grinding from the elbow had gone after day 15 I have been symptom free since.
    I found during the treatment time rapid results with the combination of injection and 1-2 minutes of cross friction massage around the common extensor tendon.

    Since then I've used it on various minor with myself with good success.

    I've tried injection and then localised low dosage ultrasound to improve absorption a kind of phonophoresis approach and some supplements like MSM/collagen/vit C among others to support the effects.

    My wife as an x smoker has periodontal disease which we treated using it as a light wash by pulling it through the gums and teeth and one instance a large gap showing tooth beneath closed up over night with a 250mcg application simply dripped into the gap.

    Its benefited dozens of clients when combined with massage techniques for me as an additional treatment for both acute and chronic tendonopathys, muscle tears and overuse injuries.
    In some cases even avoiding surgery.

    I would find value in running it for 15 days every 3 months as a systemic or site specific along with other recovery protocols like TB-500 and supplements for anyone training at any level.

  • I think BPC 157 is a very useful peptide in many aspects but to get it from the right provider is also very necessary.

  • Hi mate, I also have gum and bone lose and wondering the best way to treat this with BPC-157 , any method you have used would be really appreciated , thank you

  • @MrMurder always been unsure of the systemic nature using bpc and it's affects... I know tb500 travels selling he system but thought box had to be as close to site as possible. Would dosing remain the same when using systemically and I'm assuming sub q injections?

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